Rabbi donates kidney to stranger

Rabbi Larry Rothwachs and Donny Hain are much more than just friends now but three years ago these two didn't even know each other.

It was Donny's brother who was the first to reach out.  He made a desperate request asking the rabbi to tell members of Congregation Beth Aaron in Teaneck, New Jersey that Donny needed a kidney.

It was when the rabbi was preparing for that special service that he came to a life changing revelation.

"I really could not come up with any compelling reason as to why I myself wouldn't want to do this," Rabbi Larry Rothwachs said.

The rabbi, who is married and a father of five children, turned out to be a match so he decided to put his faith into action.

Bunny Hain is Donny's mother.  Her son was born with developmental disabilities.  He had been leading an independent life until his kidneys started to fail.

"It was very frightening waiting to see if the kidney, the whole operation, would go through," Bunny Hain said.

It did.  The 2015 was a success.

"It's amazing.  I thank God every day," Bunny Hain says.  "As a mom, I always say to him, 'you have a rabbi in you'."

Donny's life has returned to normal but Rabbi Rothwachs says his life will never be the same.

"My life has been enhanced.  I was able to give a gift to my children for them to see faith put into action,"  RabbI Rothwachs says.  "If I could, I would do it again."