Questions about safety at amusement parks

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It's a scary pastime, and isn't that why people come? While it's only supposed to scare people, a string of theme park-related accidents has left one boy dead and at least 3 other children seriously injured in recent weeks prompting some to question exactly how safe are amusement parks.

Ken Martin is an amusement park safety expert. He says parks do a lot to make sure all their equipment operates safely. But that often human error leads to accidents. He says we have as much to do with our own safety as the theme park does.

While millions of Americans enjoy amusement parks, there is no federal oversight on how they operate. Many states oversee theme parks, but not all of them do. Experts say it is buyer beware.

The truth is millions of Americans flock to these rides, and it's probably a very small percentage who end up getting hurt or having to be hospitalized. But experts are concerned about a lack of solid statistics and the absence of a uniform set of rules.