Queens rally denounces country-wide hate crimes, emphasizes unity

A unity in diversity rally was held in Queens Sunday afternoon.

Local leaders and members of the community stood as one and denounced recent hate crimes across the country.

Amid concerns about a climate of intolerance and a rise in hate crimes, elected officials and community leaders came together here for a unity rally to re-emphasize their values of inclusion.

Representatives from many of the ethnic & racially diverse communities of Queens are took a strong stance on the importance of immigrants & religious diversity. Citywide leaders said it's the real American dream.

The rally organizer, Borough President Melinda Katz, said there are people from about 130 countries living in Queens. Residents who participated in the rally said that given what has happened around the country, it was important for them to come out & show support.

There was a practical purpose to the rally too. They announced free services and resources are available to anyone in need with family or immigration issues.