Queens mom and dad face deportation

Liany Guerrero of Woodhaven, Queens, has faced bad odds before. Her political activism in Colombia led to threats against her two daughters prompting her to move to the United States in 2001.

Liany's hands give away her worry this Thanksgiving as her husband of three decades sits in a Bergen County jail to be deported at any moment. And she, too, has been ordered to leave the country, and her two children behind.

Liany says her family tries to do the right thing and that she loves this country.

And it shows. By most accounts Juan Villacis has led a flawless existence. No criminal record, pays taxes, in the U.S. on a visa while seeking asylum, became a licensed physical therapist, bought a house, takes care of his mother. Raised twin daughters, such good students they've earned protection under the DACA program.

But at a routine meeting at ICE last week, his status was suddenly revoked. He now sits in a jail awaiting deportation. And to make it all the more surreal, Liany Guerrero was also ordered to leave the country within the next two months.

Maria Villacis is worried about her dad and her whole family. Maria will graduate from Baruch next month. Her twin sister Liany just graduated. They've been in the U.S. since they were 5 years old.

While the courts recognize the threat their parents face back home, because it wasn't specifically classified as "political" their status was left up in the air until now. A spokesperson for ICE had no information for Fox 5 on this case.

The Villacis family is pretty much out of options. There is no judge to appeal to and no imaginable chance of intervention from the White House. Still, they spoke to Fox 5 hoping this city and country will better understand the ramifications of our current immigration policy.