Pushing 100, owner closes candy store

After 50 years in business, Emily Hirsch, 99, has decided to close up Scarsdale Candy'n Cards and retire. Hirsch and her husband bought the gift shop after their first flirtation with retirement. And over a half century the shop and Emily have become fixtures in the community for residents of all generations.

While the shop sold sundry items, knickknacks, and cards to locals, Emily's loyal customers have always left with more than their merchandise. Emily's secret to success is simple according to store manager Daniel Rivera, who has worked here for a decade.

Although nobody sums it up better than Emily herself: Be happy, keep going.   

And let's not forget that Emily's 100th birthday is right around the corner. While Emily isn't yet sure what she's like to do once she retires, she tells me that she has two children, four grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren to keep her busy.