Protesters march to GWU president's DC home over unmet demands

Dozens of pro-Palestine protesters left the encampment site at George Washington University Tuesday and marched to President Ellen Granberg's home in Northwest. 

In a video obtained by FOX 5, the protesters can be heard chanting, "Granberg, Granberg, you can't hide, you're complicit in genocide." 

On Day 13 of their protest on University Yard, the group marched with signs that read, "Free Palestine" and "Hands off Rafah," all the way to F Street NW. 

Several Metropolitan Police Department officers were sent to contain the crowd, but no arrests were made. 

Since Day 1, students' demands have been centered around protecting pro-Palestinian speech on campus, receiving full disclosure of university endowments and investments, as well as divesting all funds related to Israel-based academic partnerships.

They've vowed to stay on the campus, despite school administrators threatening them with suspensions

In a letter sent to the GWU community on Sunday, President Granberg called the encampment "unlawful," and said students were "in direct violation of multiple university policies" and trespassing. 

"The university, which is committed to protecting our students' rights to free expression, informed them of this and quickly offered a secure alternative protest site where GW would support them in holding peaceful daytime demonstrations. This offer was repeatedly refused," the letter reads. "It is clear that this is no longer a GWU student demonstration. It has been co-opted by individuals who are largely unaffiliated with our community and do not have our community's best interest in mind. It is increasingly unsafe and a violation of university and city regulations to have so many unidentified and unvetted people from outside the GWU community living on university property." 

MPD officers began escorting the protesters from in front of Granberg's home back to the university around 10 p.m. 

This is a developing story. Check back with FOX 5 for updates.