Project could extend Lower Manhattan’s coast to protect from storm surges

A new project could extend Lower Manhattan’s coastline out into the East River by a length of nearly two city blocks to help protect the city from storm surges like the ones caused by Superstorm Sandy that left two dead and caused nearly $20B in damage.

What that will actually look like is up to Edgar Westerhof and Netherlands-based design firm Arcadis, which was chosen for the job by the city’s Economic Development Corporation because of their emphasis on the environment. 

According to Westerhof, the project, which could extend the coastline from the Brooklyn Bridge down to Battery Park will bring in ecological design elements.

“We have an opportunity here to work with the community, with stakeholders to create a landscape, an elevated landscape that provides protection but also gives value to the community,” Westerhof said. 

The city says that the two-year design process will include collaboration with local residents.