Profile: Artist Hunt Slonem

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Artist Hunt Slonem works out of a 30,000-square-foot studio in Sunset Park with breathtaking views of Manhattan's skyline. Slonem is surrounded by his collections of objects, from top hats to furniture that fill the many rooms of this expansive loft.

Beyond the satisfaction of assembling and arranging his collections, the layers of objects inspire Slonem's colorful paintings and sculptures.

There has to be the residue of things and life and previous lives and living creatures and blooming things for me to paint.

For Slonem, every painting session starts with bunnies that continue to multiply. He does bunny studies every day.

He loves working on an enormous scale. And an array of other works showcasing subject matter ranging from monkey eyes to butterflies to President Lincoln.

And as Slonem finishes his pieces, they join his varied collections in this seemingly endless stretch of space. And as Slonem evolves so does the work of art that is this Brooklyn loft.