Professor-in-residence at Hofstra University helps first-year students adjust

It's not every day you see a professor doing their laundry in the dorms but for freshmen at Hofstra University it's not unusual. Dr. Katrina Sims is the Faculty in Residence in the main first year residence hall. The assistant professor of history is a resource to some 600 students and she calls Hofstra her home, literally. 

“My responsibility is to be a bridge of sorts,” Sims said. “To help students move beyond living in the residence hall and dorm life. I'm encouraging them to think about their actual careers, get involved in activities, to craft their resumes.” 

Her apartment has just about everything she needs- a bedroom, bathroom, sitting area and kitchen. She lives rent-free and her commute is a walk to class. 

“The first week of school she came around to all the dorms with a bag of Rice Krispy treats introducing herself which was nice to meet her right in the beginning and know she's there when we need her,” said one freshman student. 

And aside from being a resource, Dr. Sims also helps dorm life seem more like home. She enjoys hosting family dinners. 

Dr. Sims who was the first in her family to graduate college applied for the position because she says she wouldn't have been successful without the help of certain professors when she was in school. She hopes to do the same for these students.