New York pet owners pony up for access to private dog parks

New York City dog owners are a different breed, willing to go to great lengths to ensure their four-legged friends are comfortable. And some are even resorting to sometimes paying a hefty price tag for access to private dog parks.

For around $40, members of Astro's Dog Run in Hell's Kitchen receive a key to a fenced-in area near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. The dog run even has filtered water to hydrate pooches after they chase down some tennis balls. 

One member told FOX 5 NY that there is a screening process and all dogs must be vaccinated.

In the meantime, School for the Dogs in the East Village provides a more curated experience.

"We really wanted to help people give their dogs the best possible life within the constraints of living in New York City," founder Annie Grossman said.

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In addition to standard dog training and doggy daycare for $200 a month, your dog can participate in a program called School Yard, which includes five curated doggy play date sessions to help your pooch socialize in a small group setting.

"We want to make sure that dogs are showing up and then be paired with dogs that are a good match for them size-wise, style-wise, age-wise," Grossman said. "Of course we have sessions just for puppies, for example, and there's a trainer present the entire time."