Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at CERAWeek

The official name of the five-day conference is CERAWeek by IHS Markit, but it's commonly known as the oil and gas sector Super Bowl.

On Thursday, Justin Trudeau became the first Prime Minister of Canada to speak at the influential energy conference.

CERAWeek is marking its 36-year anniversary and is ranked among the top five corporate leader conferences in the world.

In addition to delivering the keynote address to the global gathering of movers and shakers, the Canadian Prime Minister received an award for his environmental and energy policies.

Canada is currently the leading and most secure supplier of energy products to the U.S., but Prime Minister Trudeau has had to walk a fine line when it comes to energy.

As a left-wing politician from the liberal party, Prime Minister Trudeau supports environmental protection policies, but he maintains that building the economy and protecting the environment must go hand in hand.

Prime Minister Trudeau's two-day trip to Houston is part of an ongoing effort by his government to convince the Trump administration that keeping an open border benefits the economy, especially the energy sector in both Canada and the U.S.