Preview of Super Bowl ads

It costs $4.5 million for a 30-second spot in the super bowl. That price tag isn't worth it for some who've created memorable ads in the past -- like Volkswagen, which is absent from the lineup this year.

But Carl's Jr. is buying in with a racy ad that appears to have been written by a classroom of junior high school boys. The ad will only air in the western United States. The well-endowed, blonde babe is model Charlotte McKinney. Some are calling her the "new Kate Upton. She bears some similarities to the former Carl's Jr. burger babe. You know it's bad when the Victoria's Secret angels and Kim Kardashian are wearing more clothes than you are.

Oddly enough Kardashian isn't the one naked in a Super Bowl ad. Kim is poking fun at herself in a T-Mobile spot that blames other wireless companies for taking users' unused data, which she believes could be used to see her make-up, her outfits, her vacations. The best part about this ad: her lower third description is "Famous Person." Couldn't have said it better myself.

This year's ad from Bud Light is a continuation of the theme in their ad last year that anything can happen when you crack open a Bud Light. For one lucky guy a Bud Light opens up a life-sized game of Pac-Man in which he is Pac-Man where he has to evade the ghosts in a massive glow-in-the-dark arena.

Now Budweiser on the other hand is tugging at America's heartstrings with a follow-up to the hugely popular puppy love ad from last year. That ad followed an adorable golden retriever puppy and his Clydesdale horse friends.

GoDaddy attempted to spoof Budweiser's puppy love commercial by releasing an ad about a puppy who gets lost and finds his way back home only to find out his owner has sold him via a website she made with GoDaddy. The spoof backfired. It got so much negative feedback that the company pulled it and will now air an alternate ad.