Preview 11th annual Electric Zoo Festival

An estimated 100,000 EDM fans are expected to descend upon Randall’s Island for the 11th annual ‘Electric Zoo’ festival.

With over 100 DJs, the event runs through Sunday featuring names like: Diplo, Zedd, and even a set by Shaq – AKA DJ Diesel.

I spoke with New York native, DJ and producer Matt Medved about the feeling of performing in front of 30,000 fans:

"Honestly, it’s one of the best feelings. It’s one of the best feelings. Especially because it’s not about you. In my eyes, DJ-ing is an exercise in empathy. It’s about providing the crowd with what they want to hear, and what they can get down to, while also surprising them, delighting them, and like…challenging their tastes, as well. So, especially when I play something that maybe is a big of a stylistic risk – it’s a song I don’t know if they’ve heard before, or it’s something that I made myself – to see them react like that, it’s really one of the best feelings on Earth."

You can learn more about Electric Zoo, here: