President Trump to return to New York

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President Trump is returning home to New York.

The Commander-in-Chief will make his first visit to the Big Apple since becoming president.

The added security is a big concern for New Yorker’s.

Much of the extra security seen in the city every day is a permanent fixture while president Trump is Commander-in-Chief, but with his first official visit to the city this week, New Yorkers are bracing for the unexpected.

New York’s famous Fifth Avenue, the home of Trump Tower and the president's New York address, is lined with metal police barricades for crowd control. NYPD officers are stationed there 24/7 and even have a semi-permanent command post. With his first visit as president, the security gets ramped up even further and so does the gridlock

The NYPD estimated it will cost the city about $308,000 a day to protect President Trump and deal with other related safety and traffic issues. NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer said getting hit with that tab is like a slap in the face.

The White House said the president will visit the U.S.S. Intrepid on the West side for a ceremony with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

It's not clear if the president will stay at Trump Tower or at his property in Bedminster, New Jersy.

Another x-factor is the strong possibility of protests. The mayor said this is an opportunity to remind the president that this is the greatest city in the world because of its diversity.