Pregnant woman with COVID-19 urges people to stay inside in harrowing video

A pregnant woman’s warning against COVID-19 is resonating across the world.

On Wednesday, March 25, Karen Mannering shared a video to her Facebook page, describing her current health condition while being treated at QEQM Hospital in Margate, Kent, England.

“I’ve just been told I have COVID-19 and I’ve been ill for two weeks,” Mannering said in the video. “I have pneumonia in both lungs and I’m fighting for me and my baby.”

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Near the end of the video, the 39-year-old Mannering issues a dire warning to viewers.

“It’s not worth going out,” Mannering pleaded. “You’re going to take this time and you’re going to kill someone, one of your family members.” 

“Don’t go out, it’s not worth it," the expecting mother said.

Mannering’s video had an immediate impact online, garnering over 150,000 views and 11,000 shares on Facebook. Commenters from across the world urged the mom to keep fighting.

“I have been telling people for months how dangerous this virus is. I don’t know if me or my baby are gonna get through this,” one commenter wrote. “We are strong Mammas. We can do this.”

“Hope you recover soon and your baby is unharmed,” wrote another. “Hope your video hits home with the ones that are not staying home.”

On March 26, Mannering shared a video update on her condition to her Facebook page, describing how she has been off oxygen for the first time in five days.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of Friday, March 27, in the United Kingdom, there are over 11,800 cases, 570 deaths and  135 recoveries from the novel coronavirus. There are over 553,000 confirmed cases, 25,000 deaths and 127,000 recoveries across the world.

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This story was reported from Los Angeles.