Pope-related souvenirs do brisk business

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While you may not have seen Pope Francis in person during his first visit to New York, there are plenty of ways to buy a piece of the action on this historic occasion. T-shirts, hats, pins, and flags are just a few of the souvenirs offered this week as Americans enjoyed the presence of the Holy Father. And then there were cutouts purchased for $5 apiece and perfect for selfie-taking.

One of the most popular items? Yes, a pope bobble-head doll, which sold out in the stores we visited. Retailers told Fox 5 they did very well with all the pope merchandise. The dolls made their way onto eBay, complete with "holy styrofoam." But that wasn't all, with one store in Massapequa offering a range of papal memorabilia including books, charms, and, yes, cologne.

And even the pope received a pope souvenir when one onlooker greeted him at JFK Airport with a plush pope eliciting a smile from the pontiff. And as Pope Francis prepared to depart the Big Apple, some were cherishing these last moments taking memories of this moment back home with them.

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