Poll shows Trump has slight advantage of truth over media

In the war against trump versus the media, the president may actually be winning.

There has been the ongoing debate on whom to trust more: the media or President Trump.

“I believe the media and the president both have their own agendas,” said one New Yorker.

"The words that come out are fake news. You don't know if it's real news, slanted news or just fake news,” said another.

The results of our random sampling of voters in Manhattan in line with a recent Fox News poll showed President Trump had a slight advantage with truthfulness over the media.

45% of those surveyed trust President Trump, which is 3% points higher than the people who think reporters have the facts straight...

The divide between the president and the mainstream media was on display at this week’s press conference.

"I'm here to take my message straight to the people,” he said.

One highlight – the Commander In Chief boasted about his Electoral College victory.

"It was the biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Reagan. In other words, the media is trying to attack our administration,” said Trump.

However, the problem was that George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all had higher margins, and when the discrepancy was addressed, Trump said he was given the false information.

On the other side, the president pushed back on what he said was false reports that implied his campaign had suspicious connections to Russia.

He's also fired off a series of tweets that described the 4th Estate as the enemy. 

One New Yorker voiced her concern over Trump and the media, “what he says so frequently is not correct, and I’m not sure how well the media is doing to get the information.”

So she's balancing both sides.

"At this point, we all have to get it from multiple sources. You have to get it from the papers, from channel 5. You have to listen to Trump. You have to do your homework because I think there's a lot of homework need to be done," she said.