Police warn parents about candy, cereal and baked goods laced with marijuana

A routine traffic stop in Abington Township was anything but. Inside a car police say they found candy, cereal and baked goods all laced with marijuana.

Now, Abington police are putting out a warning after officers conducting a routine traffic stop at the intersection of Old Valley Road and Penmore Place this month say they discovered packages and packages of candy, cereal and baked treats—more than 100 items—all laced with marijuana.

Residents in the area are shocked at how innocent the items actually look.

“There’s no label whatsoever on it," Jenkintown resident Shawn Aikens said.

"It's packaged where as a child it would be a delight to the eyes. It looks like candy—it looks like a rice krispie treat,” Abington Police Chief Patrick Molloy said.

Chief Molloy says the bust was unusual and the stash is now off the streets, but he is asking parents to look twice at anything their children may be snacking on.

“If you take the slow release and the combination of a strong marijuana drug the chemicals that are in marijuana, especially for a child who is not fully developed can in fact be fatal, Chief Molloy said.