Police shoot man in costume at TV station

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Baltimore police say a department sniper shot a man who walked into a TV station lobby wearing a full animal costume and surgical mask and displaying what appeared to be an explosive device on his chest.

Department spokesman T.J. Smith said the man is alive and conscious and communicating with authorities through a robot designed to detect explosives.

The television station in Baltimore was been evacuated after employees say the man threatened to blow up the station.  It was happening Thursday afternoon at WBFF-TV, the Fox affiliate at the base of the city's TV Hill. The area is home to two other TV stations and a radio station.

WBFF employees tweeted videos discussing the threat, which they said was made by a man who appeared there in person.

Fox News reported that the man was dressed in a panda suit.  Others described it as an "animal onesie".  Employees say he showed up at the station and had a message that he wanted broadcast.  He said the information was on a flash drive..

Fox also reported that the man had set his car on fire before trying to head into the building.