Police search for kangaroo spotted hopping Friday morning in Ontario, Canada

We don't know what it is on Friday about animals in unlikely places. First, it was a cow on the run in Grand Rapids and at nearly the exact same moment, a kangaroo was spotted hopping around in Ontario, Canada.

Canadian police are searching for a kangaroo who was spotted hopping on the side of the road in the city of Oshawa – a small city east of Toronto.

Paul Rellinger captured video of the hopping marsupial on Friday morning. He was driving his 13-year-old to school when he spotted the kangaroo.

"We thought it was a deer, but then saw it hopping along the side of the road," said Rellinger.

Regional police said they got several calls about the animal around 7:40 a.m. but couldn't find the kangaroo when they arrived.

They advised anyone who spots the kangaroo to call Team Chelsea, a local group that helps find missing pets.

It was not clear where the kangaroo originated.


A kangaroo was spotted bouncing down a Canadian freeway on Friday. Paul Rellinger via Storyful