Police: MS-13 members killed to impress gang

A judge denied bail to alleged MS-13 members accused of killing a Long Island teen. Prosecutors believe the alleged killers were trying to prove themselves to other gang members.

Kevin Granados-Coreas, 19, walked out of Nassau County Police Department headquarters in handcuffs. Investigators say the Queens man is a member of MS-13 and is responsible for killing a Valley Stream teen earlier this year. Authorities also charged Carlos Portillo, 22, of Hempstead.

"At that location, weapons, cell phones and paperwork in regard to MS-13 were recovered," NCPD Det. Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said.

Julio Cesar Gonzales-Espantzay's brutally beaten body was discovered inside the Massapequa Preserve in late March, according to court documents. Police said he was shot and beaten with a large knife or machete and may have been left there for several weeks.

"You have to show your loyalty and your commitment to the group," Fitzpatrick said. "Commonly with that group, they murder or assault people."

Officials said the defendants started talking to the victim last year. They do believe other members are responsible.

"Part of the lure or ruse to get them in the car is to promise them marijuana smoking as well as perhaps an intimate relationship with a female," Fitzpatrick said.

Surveillance cameras are being installed in the park. People we spoke to said they prefer to come during the day.

Both defendants are being held without bail. Police said Portillo is undocumented.

Police confirmed there have been four homicides in the county since last January and that all were gang-related.