Police: Missing 4-year-old found safe with mother

An Amber Alert issued Sunday night was canceled early Monday morning after a 4-year-old boy was found safe with his mother. Dallas police are now calling it a false report. 

Officials said 4-year-old Fermin Fuentes was "never in any danger" and was never actually in his father's car when it was reported stolen.

The boy's father, also named Fermin Fuentes, told police that car thieves had made off with his car, with Fermin inside.  

The allegedly stolen car was recovered Sunday night in the 2200 block of S. Buckner Boulevard and Bruton Road at around 6 p.m.

Three people were taken into custody near the scene, two men and a woman, according to police. 

Mr. Fuentes has not been taken into custody at this time, police said.

Officials said Fuentes' father initially claimed the boy's mother was in Mexico with no way to be contacted. 

Another issue arising from this case was the Amber Alert.

The text message that appeared simply said to "call police if you have information about the abduction," but there were no details about what happened.  

We’ve not heard from anyone in law enforcement about the lack of information in that initial alert.