Police: Man stabbed for $50

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Atlanta Police are still working to track down a crew of robbers that stabbed a man for $50, leaving him in critical condition as he was rushed to the hospital. 

Police said the ordeal happened late last Wednesday night as the man in his 40's was walking along the railroad tracks behind the apartment complex off Del Mar Lane NW. He told the police the men demanded his money, and after they took it, stabbed him multiple times. 

The man walked half a mile from the location in search of help and walked into a convenience store in the 3100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive; the people inside called 911. 

Police said the man was losing a lot of blood from the ordeal and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, and was stabilized while in the care of doctors. He could not provide a description of the men who attacked him. 

Police said in their incident report, they're looking at surveillance from local businesses to try to get a description of the attackers. 

"A lot of people walk these streets. You have to be very careful around here," said Larry Mapp, who is one of many pedestrians not surprised by the brazen attack for $50. 

"They would do it for less," Mapp said.