Police: Man impersonated cop, complete with K9

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Police say Anthony Ottaviano not only dressed up as a law enforcement officer, but he also dressed up his dog, too.

Ottavioano, 36, was arrested Sunday night for impersonating a K9 handler and attempting to burglarize the home of two off-duty Palm Bay police officers.

Police say he claimed his was an officer with the Department of Homeland Security, but that claim did not check out. Inside his car they found K9 tactical gear, as well as flashing police lights, which made his Chevrolet Impala look like a patrol car.

Ottaviano did not have any weapons on him, but he was arrested for attempted burglary and impersonating an officer during the commission of a felony.

The dog was returned to the suspect's roommate, and Ottaviano was given a $20,000 bond by the judge.