Police investigate Bigfoot sighting

Police in Nebraska investigated a Bigfoot sighting on a state highway during the holiday weekend but came up empty on leads.

The Nebraska State Patrol reported that the call came in on Saturday night about 10:15.  A driver called reporting seeing the legendary Bigfoot standing on the shoulder of Interstate 80 near mile marker 197 in the west bound direction.

A trooper responded to the scene but reported that "Sasquatch remained elusive" and "Must have just missed him."  They said the area was safe for drivers.

A post on the Nebraska State Patrol Facebook page about the report generated many playful comments.

A Bigfoot sighting last month in Northern California also created an online buzz.

Jeffrey Gonzalez, a self-described paranormal expert, said he heard about the sighting from a local farmer who said he saw the creature and five others running on his ranch near Avocado Lake.