Police: Drunk driver damages historic cemetery

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Headstones in a historic cemetery in Carrollton were damaged, but not by vandals. Police said a man under the influence, crashed into them.

The headstones in the Carrolton City Cemetery are from the early 1800s and the city said they cannot just come in and replace them since the material used to make them does not even exist anymore.

“It was a vehicle accident, involving a driver who was under the influence,” said Chris Dobbs, Deputy Chief of Police for the Carrollton Police Department.

Dobbs said Ray Baker ran a stop sign, hit the embankment, and went crashing into the cemetery, damaging the headstones. Baker was able to walk away from the crash.

“You can't replace those things. You can get new headstones but theirs were like I said over a 100 years old,” said Dobb.

Carrollton City Manager Tim Grizzard agreed, but said the good news is they may not have to be replaced.

“I talked with superintendent over the cemetery and he says he thinks most of the tombstones will be repaired. There will be some minor chips but for the most part it'll look like it was,” said Grizzard.

With the headstones dating back to 19th century, Grizzard does not think the city will be able to find the families who loved ones are buried here. Leaving the question: Who will foot the bill for all these repairs?

Grizzard said it is the person who caused all the damage.

“We will go against his insurance company for the repairs,” said Grizzard.

The city and police are just glad no one was hurt.

The city said if for some reason they cannot make the repairs, they will replace the headstones with something respectable.