Police: Car thieves target women drivers

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DeKalb County Police said thieves have a dangerous way of stealing cars from women: by rear-ending their vehicles.

Police believe the same thieves have struck twice, within several miles of each ordeal. 

"[He] hit me in the back," said one victim by phone, identified as "Mecca."  She said Friday, someone was following her closely up to an exit off 78 in Tucker; once she turned onto Brockett Road, she said she was rear-ended, then got out of her car to inspect the vehicle.

"I got out to see what's going on... [Someone] got out, got in my car and took off with it," she said.

Police said thieves also ambushed a 53-year-old woman off Norman Road, after she told police someone "tapped" her car; once she got out to inspect her rear, police said the thieves jumped in and took off.

Police do not have descriptions for both men; police said one of the suspect's vehicles was a black Crown Victoria.

Officials advise drivers, especially women alone, to remain in their vehicles in an accident, call 911, and give their operators a location; drivers can also move to a more public location, and notify the dispatcher of their concerns.