Twin sister stabbing: Man charged in murder of 19-year-old Samyia Spain

The suspect in the murder of a 19-year-old woman and stabbing of her twin, an attack that allegedly unfolded at a Brooklyn bodega after the sisters rejected the suspect's advances, turned himself into the police on Friday morning. 

Veo Kelly, 20, turned himself in to police, arriving at the 78th Precinct with his lawyer, sources tell FOX 5 NY's Linda Schmidt. He has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Samyia Spain, 19, was killed, and her twin sister was wounded after the stabbing at Slope Natural Plus in Park Slope on 4th Avenue and St. Marks Place early Monday morning.

"I couldn't believe it," Spain's grandfather said about receiving the news. "My wife started crying. We never expected nothing like this to happen."

Police say Kelly is accused of exploding with anger when Samyia Spain refused to share her phone number. Samyia Spain was stabbed in the neck and the chest, and her twin sister was slashed in the arm.

The two girls were at the deli with their brother, looking to buy snacks for a family game night. That's when they ran into Kelly and his friend, two strangers.

Witnesses said the attacker was drunk and asked Samyia for her number. She told him she wasn't interested. 

He began arguing with her and left the scene, but police said he returned with friends and began shoving the twins.

The siblings and bodega workers managed to force the belligerent man out of the shop and lock the door. But he waited outside, armed with a knife, and started screaming at Samyia.

They tried to fight him off, but the attacker managed to stab Samyia and slash her sister, witnesses say. Samyia later died in the hospital.

Kelly allegedly fled the scene and left the knife behind.

"I've never seen somebody get full-on stabbed and possibly murdered ever in this area," a witness told FOX 5 NY's Ashlie Rodriguez. "There's usually zero problems."

Kelly has prior arrests, including for robbery.