Twin sisters stabbed, 1 killed outside Brooklyn bodega

Alphonso Goodson is facing a level of grief he never imagined he’d feel after getting a sobering phone call Sunday about his granddaughter, 19-year-old Samyia Spain.

"She said granddaddy, Samiya got stabbed and she died," Goodson said. "I couldn’t believe it. My wife started crying and everything."

Timeline: Park Slope stabbing

The NYPD received the call about a stabbing around 2:20 a.m. after someone stabbed Samyia and her twin sister right outside the Natural Plus Bodega in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Mohammed Albhar, who works at the store, watched the girls grow up.

"They’re very nice girls, I know the family," Albhar said. "It’s so sad to see one of them gone. One of them she passed away."

A witness on scene said some guys were hanging out at the store, hitting on the group of girls who’d just walked in.

‘They said no’

"One of the guys had complimented the two girls that walked in with their friends, and they said no," the witness recalled. 

The groups started going back and forth arguing before one of the men walked down the block angrily, according to the witness.

Minutes later, one of the men, in his early 20’s, they said, came banging and kicking in the bodega doors with the girls still inside.

Workers locked the door until he walked away again and when they unlocked the door, that's when the attack happened. 

"A guy in all black had stabbed one of the girls in her neck and the other in her arm and ran," a witness added.

The man behind the stabbing left what appeared to be the knife he used on scene.

Officials expect Samyia's twin sister to be OK, while the workers who witnessed the brutal attack, too, have their scars.

‘They were so sad about it’

"When I came in, they went out. They looked like on their faces they were so sad about it," Albhar said.

The news is reinforcing nearly every father's fear.

"I think every father will think about something like this happening. That’s the worst call you can get. Something happening to your daughter," said a teen dad who lives just up the block from the attack. 

So far, police haven’t made an arrest in the case. Anyone with any information about the stabbing is asked to reach out to police.