Police arrest homeless woman accused of throwing coffee at donut shop owner's face

Donut-shop owner Cindy Seamkao serves hot coffee, and she didn’t need a cup of it in her face Friday morning as a reminder.

Police arrested 51-year-old Stacy Rosen on Sunday and will be put on a three-day psychiatric hold.

“You could feel the burn,” Seamkao said. “It took me a minute to realize what was happening because it’s so shocking.”

She said a homeless woman came into the store around 8:30 AM and accepted a cup of coffee and donut from another customer who was kind enough to give it to her. She claims the woman has been in before.

“She has the tendency to yell,” Seamkao said of the woman. “She was scaring a little girl; so, I came out and went over to her and asked her, ‘Excuse me ma’am, can you keep it down?’”

Instead, the woman turned around and splashed Seamkao in the face.

“Straight in my face! I was screaming. The little girl was screaming,” she added.

The owner tried hitting the homeless woman before retreating to the bathroom to rinse her face. Another employee ushered the woman out the side door after a barrage of expletives from her.

It’s the third incident in the area in the past year to be caught on camera. Owners of a liquor store and flower shop in Chatsworth also had violent run-ins.

“It’s gotten a little bit worse over the last three years,” said Heather Skillicorn, a mother who brought her two kids to the donut shop Saturday.  “We don’t let our kids go out without an adult.”