Police: 3 men in rapper Machine Gun Kelly's entourage wanted for battery

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The Atlanta Police Department issued warrants for three members of the Machine Gun Kelly entourage for an alleged assault.

Police say it happened on Sept. 14 in the Buckhead Hampton Inn lobby. “Warrants for Battery” are out for 28-year-old Brandon Allen, 24-year-old John Cappelletty, and 42-year-old Lamar Reed.

The victim, Gabriel Rodriguez says the argument started across the street at the Twin Peaks restaurant. Rodriguez, who goes by G-Rod, says he called the rapper a coward for comments Machine Gun Kelly made on Twitter in 2012 about Eminem’s then 16-year-old daughter.

"I said, 'I understand rappers have to go at each other from time to time and they beef and that's perfectly fine I get that, but I think it's very cowardly to bring his wife and kids into the equation,’” said G-Rod.

G-Rod says he was shoved by Kelly. Atlanta Police say both groups were kicked out of the restaurant. G-Rod says he went back to his hotel across the street, went for a run and ran into trouble again in front of his hotel.

"I feel them hot on my tail. of course I'm going to turn around... I'm gonna turn around and I'm gonna defend myself,” said G-Rod.

The video shows four men slamming G-Rod to the ground and beating him continuously. Atlanta Police say the actor had major injuries on his face and side of his head but refused treatment.

G-Rod says he was in Atlanta shooting a pilot for Showtime called Queen Fur. He showed up to shoot his part the next morning and was surprised by how they handled his new look.

“The great thing was they incorporated my look into my roll... I'm sitting here thinking wow I'm going to get fired and they turned it into a positive,” said G-Rod.

G-Rod says he hasn’t had contact with Machine Gun Kelly or his group since the incident. He does say he will drop the lawsuit and the charges if Machine Gun Kelly and his brother meet him in the Octagon to finish the fight.