Police: 14-year-old sexually assaulted at gas station

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The Henry County Police Department have arrested a suspect they say is responsible for assaulting a 14-year-old inside a QuikTrip gas station store.

Jennifer Willis said she was parked right outside QT while her teen daughter Cheryth went to the restroom.

Cheryth Willis told FOX 5 News that right when she walked out of the restroom, a man approached her and said hello.

Willis said he asked for her phone number and touched her shoulder.

When the teen said ‘No,’ Willis said he threatened to kidnap her, so she gave the man her mother’s phone number.

As she tried to get away, the man grabbed her butt and winked at her.

Cheryth then said she ran out of the gas station store crying. Her mother Jennifer was terrified.

“I knew immediately something was wrong before she even got in the car,” Jennifer Willis said. “She was pale, she was crying and when she got in the car, I could see how badly she was shaking.”

Willis then went and confronted the man inside the store telling him to stay away from her daughter.

She said her phone later got a text message from an unknown number she believes was the same man.

Henry County Police said Tuesday they arrested a suspect, identified as Daniel Wade Coffelt.

Willis said she just wants other parents to be on alert and to teach their children to be more aware.

“I hope and pray, and I will follow this through to the end to make sure that he never does this to anyone else ever again,” Willis said.