Planned NRA auction draws opposition on Long Island

Tickets for an NRA dinner and auction next month start at $65. The event will have games that may even give supporters a chance to win a firearm.

But the organization and catering hall holding and hosting it are under fire.

Long Islanders like Marc Stein say simply put it doesn't belong here. He is one of the dozens of people asking the catering hall to reconsider.

The Inn at New Hyde Park declined an on-camera interview but said in a statement they will not discriminate against any lawful activity that is brought to them and this doesn't mean they agree or side with any organizations beliefs or activities they host.

"I want the Inn to cancel the event and I want no local business to host the NRA and allow it to raise money on their premises," Stein said. "If the KKK wanted to hold a rally at the Inn at New Hyde Park, I'm pretty sure they'd say no."

The controversy has gained the attention of local politicians some of whom are standing with parents for the event to be cancelled while others support the first amendment right of the NRA.

Rachel Klein with Long Islanders for Gun Safety says it is counterproductive and the catering hall does have a say in who they accept money from.

"I'm asking them to look at what's going on in the country and think twice about whether this belongs in their space," Klein said.

But NRA supporters say the event happens every year and from a business perspective, the organization just rented the hall for a fundraiser.

"I'm not sure why they're protesting when they're bringing money and commerce in the area," said Andrew Chernoff, owner of Coliseum Gun Traders.

A number of gun safety groups will be holding peaceful protests to represent the people killed by gun violence every day.

The NRA did not return our request for comment.