'PIG' written on cop's Taco Bell order

A worker at a Taco Bell in Kansas was fired after a police officer received an order with 'PIG' written on the wrapper.

Pig is a derogatory nickname for police officers.

The incident occurred Saturday night when a Newton police officer and his fiance stopped to pick up dinner, according to police.

The couple notified the store manager and were issued a refund.

The photo of the wrapper quickly went viral.

Police say the person who posted the image is not connected with the Newton Police Department.

"The photo has gone viral causing strong emotions to be voiced in opposition to one of our local businesses. We do not support this sentiment," reads a Facebook post by the department.  "The store manager is terribly apologetic of the actions of her employee and assures us the situation is being handled appropriately. A meeting this morning with the Senior Director of Operations yielded positive results, and we are actively working to develop a partnership with Taco Bell to host a community event in the near future."

Tensions between some communities and police across the country have been tense in recent months.

In April, riots broke out in Baltimore after a man died from a severe spinal injury suffered in police custody.