PHOTOS: A Very Stormtrooper Christmas

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Somewhere in Columbia, Missouri, Stormtroopers were preparing for Christmas. A hilarious series of photos is making its way across the internet showing a group of Stormtroopers going through the various steps of hoisting an artificial Christmas tree.

They unfurl the tree skirt, they read some directions, a couple of them get sidetracked and get shocked after sticking a fork in a light socket in a humorous side-plot, eventually Darth Vader joins and provides some direction (we can only assume from the photos), and then at the end, sweet victory. The Christmas tree is up.

The 26 photos were the brain child of Kyle Shearrer and his father, Phil, and they've been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook. "Dad and I have had so much fun sitting and reading all the comments from everyone, thanks to everyone who shared and commented and helped make this post what it is," Shearrer said on Facebook. "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and May The Force Be With You!"

They were so successful, Star Wars fans are already asking in the comments, what's next?