Photographer opens exhibit to display beauty of nature

Paul Nicklen is an internationally acclaimed National Geographic photographer. For over twenty years he has been documenting our earth's Polar Regions and oceans, which is something he has been very passionate about.

"I wanted to bridge the gap between the sciences and reach the masses of the world through visual storytelling. And as I got more and more into the issues and the storytelling, I became more and more excited about telling conservation stories," said Nicklen.

Paul is opening his first ever fine art gallery in SoHo. The gallery will feature images from his life's work, some of which are already appreciated by his three million Instagram followers.

"My biggest goal as a photographer is to break down the walls of apathy. I want people to come, open up their hearts and realize that they are supporting something and helping a movement," said Nicklen

Twenty five percent of the proceeds will go to his non-profit sea legacy.

"We work with scientists and ultimately we want to gather assets, visual assets about the most pressing issues on our planet today and we want to donate those images to our conservation partners with maximum outreach," he said.

Paul's images educate the public on conservation issues from melting icebergs to the decreasing penguin population.

While there will always be a few of Paul’s pieces on display in Soho, every 6 weeks, a new conservation photographer will present an exhibit to inspire action around environmental issues."

Photographer and founder of Sea Legacy, Cristina Mittermeier is the next scheduled photographer to display her thought provoking images.

"It allows us all to participate as part of the solution. It allows the public to come and be inspired and to fall in love with nature again," she said.

Nicklen hopes the exhibit’s photographs will impact visitors, "People should come to this event to have an experience, to lose themselves in the power of visual storytelling, and overall to be inspired."