Photographer found 2nd bomb in Manhattan

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A New York photographer is the embodiment of "sees something, say something." Jane Schreibman has an eye for spotting things that are unusual. So on Saturday night when she got a call about the bombing in her neighborhood and she saw what looked a kid's science experiment just left on the ground,  she made her own call to police.

Schreibman says she is used to seeing odd things in New York. But what she saw outside an office building under some scaffolding on 27th Street gave her an odd feeling. It was a pot with wires. Schreibman knew about the explosion four blocks from her apartment in Chelsea. In fact, she saw the device on her way to 23rd Street to see what happened. She says she had a nagging feeling in the back of her head that the object was really, really weird. So she went back to take a second look, went upstairs to her apartment, and called 911. Within minutes, state troopers were outside her building.

Before she knew it, the object was secured to the bed a police truck. She would find out hours later that that funny-looking thing she had seen lying on the ground would turn out to be the second homemade bomb discovered that night.

Schreibman she hopes that if those subway ads promoting "If you see something, say something" aren't enough for someone to make the call that hopefully her story is.

She says she has lived in the same neighborhood for 36 years and normally never makes calls like that because she doesn't want to bother police or come across as someone who worries about nothing. But after this, she will never think like that again.