Photographer captures dad delivering baby in car

Ready or not, here he comes!  A Florida father was captured on camera in the moment that he delivered his newborn baby in the front seat of the car, as he and his wife were stopped in the hospital parking lot.

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"The baby was coming and there was nothing I could do," Lauren Strunk, 35, told "I’m like, ’Noah, you have to catch the baby.' He's like, 'Right now?' I'm like, 'Yes!'"

She explained she and her husband, Noah, originally thought they had plenty of time after her water broke. They had waited at their home in Jacksonville Beach for the babysitter and birth photographer to show up before they started driving to the hospital.

Suddenly, Lauren said she felt the baby coming.

"She told me something was happening and I asked her to be more specific and she said the baby was coming," Noah said. "I was trying to turn around and Lauren basically stopped me from doing it and told me to get out. I needed to catch the baby."

Little did they know, the birth photographer, Stephanie Knowles of Jaiden Photography, saw what was happening and got out with her camera to photograph the entire scene.

"We were just so grateful that she was there to capture that moment," Noah said. "It’s kind of a blur, looking back on it, because everything happened so fast."

Two minutes later, newborn Parker was born and lying on Lauren's lap.

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"My motherly instincts kicked in and Noah’s fatherly instincts kicked in as well and we just delivered this little angel by ourselves," Lauren said. "He was healthy, had great color, and cried right away."

As for their photographer, Noah joked, "We might have scared her away."