Photo of gorilla flipping middle finger goes viral

Kera, a female gorilla at the Bristol Zoo in the U.K., appears to be sticking up her middle finger in a photo that has gone viral.

Kera was eating when the photo was taken by a visitor.

Bob Pitchford, 67, was reportedly visiting the zoo last week when "'he just turned around and it looked like he was flipping me the middle finger," reported the Daily Mail.

Pitchford  did not realize the finger flap until he got home and went through his photos.

On its Facebook page, the Bristol Zoo wondered what all the attention was about:

"Kera, our female gorilla has made the headlines recently for holding her middle finger awkwardly whilst she eats her dinner. She’s not sure what all the fuss is about…"

In April, a chimp from a Dutch zoo knocked down a surveillance drone with two thwacks of a long branch.