Photo of baby girl cradled in her late father's motorcycle gear goes viral

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Photo Courtesy- Kim Stone Photography

A photo of a baby girl cradled in her late father’s motorcycle gear went viral after it was posted on Facebook Friday. 

The baby, named Aubrey, was left fatherless a month before she was born after her father, Hector, was shot and killed by someone he thought was a friend.

Hector had a passion for motorcycles, and he always wore his protective gear when riding.  That’s why Aubrey’s mother, Kathryn, decided get these pictures taken with some of Hector’s special possessions.  The viral photo shows baby Aubrey wrapped in a pink blanket with one of her father’s gloves under her head and one resting on her side as if he was holding her. 

Now baby Aubrey and her mother, Kathryn, are on their own and struggling financially.  A family friend started a page to help get them back on their feet, and help Aubrey with her future.

Although Kathryn and Hector had secret plans to get married a week before Aubrey’s due date, his death interfered.  Since they weren’t married at the time of his death, Kathryn is not technically considered a “widow” and is not eligible for beneficiary benefits or assistance programs.

In addition to the lack of resources due to her unmarried status, Kathryn is facing hefty court costs to establish paternity.   Since Hector wasn’t alive when Aubrey was born, Florida laws state that his name cannot be identified on a birth certificate for paternity because he wasn’t present to sign.

In order for Aubrey to become eligible for state or federal program assistance, DNA and paternity testing must be done through court.

According to the page, Kathryn, Aubrey and their family are very grateful, and plan to use all the money raised solely for the care of Aubrey now and in the future.

Since the photographer, Kim Stone, posted the photo of baby Aubrey on Facebook, it was shared over 328,000 times.