Phishing scam luring victims with promise of jobs

We've all experienced online scams: how many of us have received an email that an uncle in Nigeria just passed away and now you're going to inherit millions? But now there's a new scam in town. This one targeting jobseekers. Like millions, Shayane was looking for a job and was ecstatic when she received an email asking her to schedule an interview. But it was a phishing scam. Fortunately she didn't fall for it.

It seems every day, every one, is being bombarded with phishing emails. Scammers are becoming more creative and clicking on just one email can easily lead to a virus.

Cyber security expert Ian Marlow is the CEO of FITECH, a company that specializes in network security. He says these scams are called phishing emails for a reason. Scammers are baiting you for more information. He says if you click on the link in the email and enter your personal information, you are vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. So the next time you get a scam email, definitely don't click. Hit delete.

A phone scam is also going on. People are getting calls from people claiming to be from the Treasury Department regarding their taxes. That, too, is a scam. Whatever you do, don't give out your personal info over the phone or online.