Philly Cops Pull Over 8-Month-Old Girl Driving Toy Car

An 8-month-old baby girl got an early lesson in law enforcement when a police officer pulled her over, allegedly for speeding through a stop light.

In an adorable photo gone viral, Officer Walter Nejman from the Philadelphia Police Department appears to be pulling over little Reagan, who's behind the wheel of a pink toy car.

Luckily, she was wearing her seatbelt or else she might have gotten more than just a warning.

Olivia Biscardi, Reagan's mom, told that the photo was taken after Reagan received the toy car as an Easter present from her grandmother.

Her boyfriend was taking Reagan for her first ride when they noticed a cop car pulled over at the side of the road.



"My boyfriend spur of the moment asked if he could take a picture with Reagan, acting like he would pull her over," Biscardi said. "He was happy to participate."

The Philadelphia Police Department posted the picture to their Facebook, saying that Officer Walter Nejman "let her off with a warning," after stopping little Reagan for sliding through a stop sign.

"Also, 'not being able to read' really isn't an excuse - but nice try!" the Philadelphia Police Department wrote, jokingly.