Pete's Tavern, a New York classic

Pete's Tavern is the oldest continuously operating restaurant and bar in New York City. The landmark opened in 1864. It sits on the corner of 18th Street and Irving Place in Gramercy Park. And like most establishments that are time honored, not much has changed over the years.

The rosewood bar and the old tile floors are original. Legend has it the famous writer O. Henry penned the short story "The Gift of the Magi" on a Pete's Tavern menu. But the history of the building goes back to the early 19th Century.

During Prohibition, the outside was disguised as a flower shop.

No matter what room you're in, the vibe is relaxed and homey. And customers like that. Celebrities seem to feel the same way. Ron Howard, Ben Stiller and Cuba Gooding Jr. all love it here. Johnny Depp is a regular when he is in town.

If you come to get your drink on, you've got lots of options but two favorites are the homemade holiday eggnog and the 1864 house ale.