Peek inside the Grammy gift bag of free swag for celebrities

A number of celebrities will be attending music's most prestigious night on Sunday: the Grammy Awards. Of course, not everyone will go home with a golden statute. But those who don't won't be leaving empty-handed.

"One of the biggest perks of being a Grammy presenter or performer is that you get to come through the Grammy gift lounge and pick up your official thank-you gifts from Recording Academy," said Lash Fary, the founder of Distinctive Assets, the marketing company that has been assembling the gift lounge at the Grammys for 19 years.

"This is by far the best gift assortment I think we've ever put together," Fary added.

About 100 presenters and performers who show up to rehearsal these next few days will enjoy some jewelry, make up for an entire year, sunglasses, clothing, and even technology that hasn't even reached the U.S. yet—a ring that features contactless payment tech.

We weren't given a price tag of just how much all these luxurious goodies cost but in the past, they have been valued in the tens of thousands of dollars.

This year, a bracelet that retails for $199 and a "new smile" valued over $2,000 are included. And if you're trying to fit into that dress you might as well pick up the LumiDiet and shed some pounds before the big night. It's valued at $350.

Celebrities will also get a preassembled rolling bag filled with much more. Fary said among the gifts is a trip from the Golden Door valued at almost $10,000.