Pay-by-phone parking meters in NYC

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A New York City Muni-Meter. (Luke Funk/Fox5NY)

New Yorkers would be able to pay for parking at all 85,000 metered parking spaces via their phone under a plan set to be announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Drivers could even get a credit for unused parking time under the plan

Phones would be able to be used at any parking spot by the end of 2016, according to the mayor's office.

The technology will enable drivers to park without stopping at the meter and printing out receipts, and will be enforced via the NYPD's new tablet devices that will allow traffic enforcement agents to immediately determine whether a parked car is paid up.

There are currently 13,700 Muni-Meters across the five boroughs that govern the 85,000 metered parking spaces. Muni-Meters accept coins, New York City Parking Cards, and credit cards. Muni-Meters will continue to accept these forms of payment.

The administration says that the city is developing the app and there are no additional costs to the city budget due to the new technology.

Mayor de Blasio will formally announce the plan at the State of the City address Thursday evening.