Patti LaBelle chats with FOX 29's Quincy Harris and invites viral singer to Thanksgiving dinner

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FOX 29’s Quincy Harris sat down with Patti LaBelle to chat about her famous pies and the man behind the viral video that has people all over the country talking about them!


Patti told FOX 29 that she has invited James Wright Chanel to Philadelphia and they will spend the Thanksgiving holidays together.

She’s even going to cook for him!

“You give love to people who give you love,” Patti said. “And you know, I didn’t expect a viral video.”

Patti also gave Quincy the dish about her plans for her Thanksgiving meal.

She’s having quite a few people over for the meal, so her son is making four fried turkeys. However, she says they have different cooking strategies.

Her son follows recipes whereas Ms. LaBelle says, “I’m a soulful cook. I cook from the mind.”

The rest of her spread includes three big briskets, macaroni with lobster and shrimp, a plain macaroni and cheese for those with shellfish allergies, potato salad, 20 bunches of kale, four heads of cabbage, a green salad with arugula and cilantro, candied yams, peach cobbler, chocolate cake, leg of lamb, ribs, and of course her famous sweet potato pies!

And Patti also says that she doesn’t cook anything overnight, preferring to start at five in the morning!