Patients saved by heart surgery celebrate life

Sabrina Ho had her first heart transplant at 5 months old. Her second one at 13. Now she is a 21-year-old college student with a heart pumping strong.

Ho met dozens of others at Mount Sinai Hospital who were saved by heart surgery when they were kids. Some still are kids.

"It's painful, obviously," Ho said. "I know what they are going through but at the same time if I can be a role model and influence, it's lovely.

Natalie, 8, had three heart surgeries in her first three years of life.

"It's very fun to be here with somebody that has the same experience like me," she said.

These strong souls are all together for an annual Valentine's Day party to honor them. Aidan, 9, has a dilated aorta. But his only focus on this day was to be a normal kid.

"It makes me feel happy because I can like play with the kids," Aidan said.