Pastor kills daughter and himself after wife files for divorce

A former university chaplain shot his daughter and then killed himself in his estranged family’s home on Friday, according to reports.

Daniel Randall, 56, had just left rehab after finishing a 90-day program, according to the Press Herald, and on his way back to his town in Maine, he bought a shotgun.

His wife had filed for divorce earlier this week, reports said.

Randall reportedly broke into the family’s home and shot his 27-year-old daughter, Claire Randall, multiple times before spray painting messages on the walls of their home, and then shooting himself on the front porch.

The messages were reportedly addressed to his estranged wife, Anita, and read things such as: “vow breaker” and “Anita, it’s all your fault.”

The family’s neighbor, Carroll Dagget, 71, found the their bodies after Anita told him that her daughter wasn’t answering her phone and asked him to go check on the house, according to the paper.

“I said ‘Claire isn't answering, there doesn't seem to be anyone inside the house... But from what I've seen here I'm not going upstairs,"' he told the paper.