Parking spot at San Francisco condo on sale for $90,000

Credit: Compass Real Estate

New Yorkers, especially those living in Manhattan, know how costly a parking space can be these days, but the price of one space in San Francisco might shock even the most jaded drivers.

A single parking space located in San Francisco's South Beach neighborhood is currently "on sale" for a mere $90,000.

Not a home. Not even a studio apartment. A single parking space.

"This is a PARKING SPACE ONLY," the listing reads. "It is currently leased for $300 per month. It is NOT a condo but a single parking space near the lobby. Can be used by non-resident and is located 1 block from oracle stadium."

As crazy as the price may seem, $90,000 for a single parking space might be a steal in a city where the median home price is currently $1.3M and the average rent for an apartment is $3,397 a month.

"You could be in Silicon Valley and want your own parking spot for the stadium," Realtor Bill Williams from Compass Real Estate, who listed the spot, told USA Today. "You can use it and it's not against the building's rules. You could have a condo in a nearby building ... and you might want another space like my clients did for your second car."

Despite the steep price, when it comes to pricey parking spots, San Francisco is several years behind Manhattan, which saw three parking spots hit the market for $1,000,000 each back in 2015.