Parents demand answers after Westchester school threats

The Mamaroneck School District's final meeting of the year was a standing-room-only affair Tuesday night, as dozens of parents demanded to know what is going on in their district and accused school officials of lying after a series of threats were made against Hommocks Middle School students.

Roughly a week ago, a middle school student, off of school grounds, threatened another Hommocks student. That was followed by a lockout on Friday after parents and students warned of more threats from a student who was also off-campus. Finally, on Monday, a former middle school student not living near the district made threats against current students. 

At the meeting, Mamaroneck Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps apologized for two inaccuracies in the school’s robo-calls and texts to parents last week that left some thinking that a student was in custody. 

The district says that they have increased police patrols throughout the remainder of the school year and promised the summer would be spent on communicating better with the community, while maintaining that the recent string of incidents are not a crisis.